nvALT 2.2β 104

The Simplenote sync has been updated to use the Simperium API[1]. This should provide additional stability.

Note: notes larger than 400k may not sync properly. If you have very large notes in your collection, please stick with Dropbox for sync. Simperium should provide a much more stable platform in most cases, but it’s not designed for syncing your epic novels.

Retina images, bugfixes and more. Also, if you have Marked installed, you can preview the current note in Marked with ^⌘M (control-command-M).

A huge thanks to Fred Cheng for his work on the Simplenote/Simperium sync.

Changes and fixes

  1. Developers: this now requires an API key. See the notes in SimperiumConfig-example.h for setting up your own.  ↩